What is gona pound harder and louder?


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Username: Tylersliva

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well the title says it all. heres my 2 options, 2 15" fi bl or 1 15" fi btl?

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Depends on power, enclosure, vehicle, charging, etc, etc.

There's a whole lot that goes into a system than the sub, why don't you list the other things like enclosure sizes, amp(s), electrical upgrades?
Also what sort of results are you looking for? My mind goes to the gutter when you ask what pounds harder and louder.

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troy's wife pounds harder and louder..... my evidence, he has kids lol.

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Why not 1 18" btl?

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Username: Tylersliva

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ok 98 chevy silverado ext, i dont want a 18" cause i want multipule in future. i have 250amp alt, gona do big 3 when i get stuff, amp is gona be aq2200, and enclosure is gona be built to whatever specs for the sub or subs... there i hope that helps. i just want something loud and is gona shake the he!! out of my truck. my mind is set on the bl's but if i hear good things on a single fi btl then might change my mind

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you can probably fit 2 18s

what are your max measurments in space available?

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Username: Tylersliva

St.Ignace, Mi U.S.

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i want to still see out my rear window lol. and thats not what i asked... i asked what would be lounder 2 15" bls or a single 15" btl

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The two 15" BLs will be louder. Double the cone area will be much louder on the same power. Add more power and it'll be even louder still.

Two subs will always be louder than one as long as you have the space for proper box... i thought that was just common sense? lol.
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