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I have a 1998 Nissan Maxima with a 200-watt stock bose system and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the best subwoffers to add to this system would be? Thanks

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What are you looking for out of your subs? How much power are you looking to run? What kind of budget are you trying to stay within? Are you trying to maintain any trunk space?

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I'm looking for more low end. My speakers already have a lot of low end but its not a solid low end and I want a sub that will give me a solid low end. I don't know how much power I need either. Will I need an amp for the sub as well? I don't want to spend more than $400. Also I still want some trunk space.

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kicker kx600.1 amp, fi ssd subwoofer. should be close to 400.

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dustin ur forgetting box and wire kit...
look at the american bass XD if u want a ported box
or the 12

if u want a sealed box this is one of my fav subs! i would get this over stuff that cost a lot more! great sound quality. if u got a pair of these RSD12s in a sealed box it would be nice old-rsd12/q/listingid/42168091/loc/111/203087525.html

wire kit like this 55545?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item588971c0b9#ht_4131wt_1137

i think this amp is an ok deal. i was thinking about buying one myself!

if u want sounds quality get a pair of those RSD12s with that amp in a sealed box... i promise u it will sounds amazing and get pretty loud too!

if u want something louder look at a ported box and those american bass subwoofers.. but i think after u get a ported box made and a bigger amp it might be over 400 and take up most of the space in ur trunk.... if u can make a box on ur own that would really help out .

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thanks for the suggestions dustin and dBlk

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I 2nd the rsd idea. i just installed a couple in a third car. great budget sub.

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I was looking around at best i found these,

Head unit: chable+Faceplate/9176198.p?id=1218045946194&skuId=9176198

Sub-woofer: 9447.p?id=1199494646811&skuId=8699447

Amp: ustable+Crossover/8699358.p?id=1202649210874&skuId=8699358

Is this a good selection? I believe it would work out.
It comes out to be about $525 with tax as long as i can buy them all in store.
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