Hanks build 48 sa-10's


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seen it, it is a good build tho.

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holy sheepdick

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man i need to hit the lotto lol...makes me soo jealous!!!! but fing awesome setup

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That is a really nice build. Insane its hitting so loud and such a low frequency. I agree with you Carl, if I had a large amount of cash available I'd invest in a crazy set up like that as well, just to be able to have one. Itd be kind of like a life's accomplishment.

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well iirc he was having problems getting proper power to the RCA's so there is still a bit more in there.

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Crazy build...

But from the #'s posted, it looks pretty peaky.
150@ 22hz is SICK...but can't do 150 over 58hz, but does 156-57@30hz?

That boils down to a flawed box design (for daily/street bass), IMHO. Looks like the sealed side of that 4th order is a little too big.

Wouldn't you want flatter-ish response...that is, if you are looking for daily/street bass. Not a competition burp system?

Also, 48 $150 10's (at presale price, not sure on sticker price)?

(shameless plug)
For instance, our DSP DDemo van w/ 10 DD2515 4th order.
150ish @20hz, 157-158dB at 40-80hz?
Yes, that loud thru the whole range, and 7-8dB per octave roll off at 40hz aint bad
Also, thats w/ only ~7-8kwrms.
161+ loaded to 0.2ohm....11kw

Guess we need to flood the interwebz w/ vids of the van once i get both amps installed

But, either way.
Huge respect from me!
I love crazy loud musical systems!!!!
There are VERY few out there.

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saw it last wk - most 10" ever i have seen in 1 vehicle ...

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What does one do when one wakes up? Grab a cup-of-joe, then while lightly stroking a puzzled chin say "....hhmmm, think I will put a pallet of sub woofers in my vehicle today... yeah that should do" . LOL LOL HA LMAO. Crazy, cool build.
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