RE Audio SE 15 Specs?


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Hey! I'm almost 16 and I'm looking for a sound system for my first car. I have heard a lot of good things about RE Audio SE 15 subs but I'm not sure about the exact specs, so I don't know what amp to pick. I'm thinking about getting two and wiring them in parallel to 1 ohm on either an Audioque AQ1200D or an AQ2200D, depending on the subs' RMS. Does this sound like a good setup? Also, where can I get the SE 15s? They don't seem very common. Thanks in advance!

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u might get them on ebay for less

i think a AQ 2200d might be too much power - u can still get it since the price is good but u will have to set ur gain a bit under where it shud be & be careful with ur vol knob so u wont risk damaging ur subs

the SX model will be a safer choice with that amp though

can ur electrical system handle it ? ...

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That is one of the most important questions, Rovin. I did not find that out until after I purchased all of my car audio. Then I got hit with another $600 or so. Just FYI, look into what you will need to make sure your electrical system needs before you decide what to get. Good luck and let us know what you decide.

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Those are all good points...thanks for all the help guys! But after doing some research, I found out that I could get a pair of Fi Q18s for about the same price as the SE 15s which I think would hit a lot harder. Another option is a pair of Audioque HDC318s for not much more money. Any opinions on either of these subs?;jsessionid=154c41398e628f0/s hopdata/0050_Speakers/0030_Q/product_overview.shopscript

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Again, if you have the electrical and room for those subs, either will sound great.

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depends on the sound that you really want.

Fi Q is going to destroy the lower end of the spectrum and sound decent.
AQ HDC3 is an SPL sub and does much better with a higher tuning

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what kind of electrical do u have..?

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also what vehicle do you have? if you want 2 18" fi q's your going to need room for like 16 cubes for a box..
if you want crazy lows that will flex your car like no other go with the q's, if you want loud but sloppy sounding bass go with the hdcs
but yes all that is pointless to do if your not going to fit a box that size in your vehicle and not have an electrical to support it.
so its not quite as simple as buy subs and an amp and you can just pound away the whole block, but if you invest your money into the system the right way, then that can easily be accomplished. its just a matter of do you want to spend 2000 or more for a system or not

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I'm definitely going to be upgrading my stock electrical system. I want to compete in some local competitions but I'm thinking about getting a dedicated competition car. Maybe a Ford SUV or something. So for now, for my first car (which is a Jeep Cherokee XJ just so you know) I should probably go with a smaller sub, like 2 15" FI's or something. If I was going to power 2000 watts RMS for my subs and like 400-600 watts RMS for my front and rear speakers, what would I have to upgrade on my Jeep's electrical system? Would I need a second battery?

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def would need atleast another batt(s), big 3 and a h/o alt.
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