2000 Ford Explorer stereo replacement


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Looking for some advice on replacing the crap stereo in this truck. I'm not all that interested in a subwoofer, as I actually use the truck for truck-like things, and need all the space I have back there. I have a daily driver with a subwoofer. But, just because I want to strap a canoe to the roof doesn't mean I wouldn't like to get the most out of my music on the long drive to the river.
The truck has 4 6x8 speakers, one in each door that I would like to upgrade. I have a new deck to install to power them (Kenwood KDC-MP345U, 22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels).
I'm not looking to hear about how installing a billion watt amp will allow me put in jiggawatt speakers from mars and mercilessly troll the neighbourhood. I listen to a broad range of music and just want to hear all the ranges, not skull-shattering loud everything. I like warm lows and clear highs - I might have Led Zeppelin in today and Pendulum in tomorrow.
There are a few speakers I have been eyeing up, so I'm looking for opinions on them, or maybe suggestions for something else. They are (currently):

Pioneer ts-g6843r/2-30 rms/30-25k hz/91db sns ($70/pair)
Polk db751/6-60 rms/52-22k hz/93 db sns ($99/pair)

Both sets are 2-way. I'm not a brand whore, so I don't care who makes them as long as they sound good and won't go to pot in short order. As you can see, neither has a particularly low frequency response, but the Pioneers are better in that area. Both have what I feel will be adequete high response. I think the Polk are more expensive as they have a higher wattage rating, but either will suit my needs. Both sets have the same basic warranty and support.

Who has some educated thoughts on this? Or suggestions for something that might suit me better (withing the same basic price range).

Thanks in advance,

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The Pioneers would be my choice.

Also, I'm aware that many Fords have 6x8/5x7 speakers in 6x9" plates. If you have the plates, you might not only be able to put in bigger speakers, but also can sell the plates to me

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I don't think you can wrong with either. I think the Polks have very detailed mids and not very harsh highs. Pioneer's probably have better bass and comparable sound all around.

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I have Polk db651 and they sound amazing to me. Decent bass, really good mids and not to high highs. Of course alot of this depends on personal hearing. Good luck.

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I will not ever put a non-round speaker in anything... I would get look for some adapters to put 5" or 6.5" speakers in it.

I'd also recommend an amp to power the speakers. There are some pretty small 2ch and 4ch amps out there that you could maybe fit under a seat, or just mount on back of the rear seat without taking up too much space.
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