8w7 system update!


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You guys were instrumental in helping me to make better decisions. I have by far gained the most improvement by purchasing a dual 8w7 ported box from FATBOXUSA (1 inch mdf to jl specs). It is phenomenal. Also, added jl c5s w/ xd 300/4 amp. Dry cell battery in trunck and kenwood dnx9960 HU. Quite a bit of Road Kill as well. This freaking thing ROCKS!!!!!! It is unbelievable that 2 8s can beat so nicely. no matter how fast the beat is, they will never miss. Finally it is a Badass Quality System. I would now like to find out how loud it actually has become with my rear seats down (not that my goal was to be loud but I'm still curious). Thanks again for all of your advice and input!!!!

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congrats man...

All the cars i have heard are indeed louder with the seats down.

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Congrats bud. Glad you're happy. It's unheard of that someone comes back and thanks people here for help lol.

Pics and videos if you can.

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x2 on the pics

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^^^^^^^ agreed ^^^^^^^ i think rovin or paul has an appropriate picture to start this with...

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I will add some pics and try video soon. I wonder how people listen to 2 13.5s. How do you keep the vehicle from rattling uncontrollably and coming apart? SUV? These lil 8s are almost always mistaken for badass 12s. Do people generally just go with one 13.5w7 or 12w7?

One of you wrote that they were $800 but you can get a 13.5 for around $600 online brand new in box. This is bargaining power at the stores so talk to your local dealer. Also, go with the JL HD or Slash amp (also bring in printouts from online pricing to your local dealer) and you will have no trouble with the ohms. they work from 1.5 to 4 ohms.

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i have often said 1000wrms of bass is plenty for a in car listening daily system

looking forward to seeing those pics\vids ...

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One 12 w7 is plenty for my small car. I know what you mean about their output. I only run 500 rms to my sub and does just fine. Welcome to the world of JL
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