Sub cutting out?


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I have an Infinity 12" sub running with a Pioneer GM 5400t amp, using an 8 gauge wire kit. It works for the most part but when I turn it up pretty loud (way before my sony xplod speakers start distorting) or when the bass hits rapidly, the sub just cuts out. Does this sound like a normal occurrence due to a safety shutoff/something like that, damage in the sub, or do I not have enough power running to it?

I got the sub used, and the speakers in the car it came from were in awful shape, so I wouldn't be surprised if the sub is not in good condition either. I am new to the sound system community so I don't know how to analyze this stuff.

I swapped out the Infinity 12" for a Kenwood 10" just to see how it performs, it doesn't cut out no matter how loud I go, and rapid hits don't present a problem either.

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Also I'm in a 93 Honda Accord, not sure if thats helpful information.

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your amp draws about 45A at full output at 4 ohms bridged (2 ohm stereo) so 8AWG is sufficient.

If the amp cuts out at high volume, then your gain is turned up too far and the amp is clipping and going into protect mode to avoid thermal damage. Set your gain properly:

It may also be an inadequate alternator for that much current draw, too, since the older Hondas are notorious for using barely large enough alternators (55-65A) for the car's needs alone.

swapping out the sub isn't always a good indicator as you have to deal with factors like transfer function and impedance rise with the enclosure alignment, so the subs, even if both were 4 ohm nominal impedance loads, can present two completely difference impedances to teh amplifier at various frequencies.
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