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Very easy question I'm sure. But I recently bought a pair of diamond audio 5inch components, and they came with 2 seperate 'things' that it looks like you can wire the sub, tweeter and speaker to. I have no idea what they're called or how to wire them correctly. They also came with tweeters, any hep is greatly appreciated, thanks guys.

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its called a crossover, basically the idea of the crossover is to put certain frequencies to each part of the speaker. im guessing its just a 2 way so the point of using that crossover is to put frequencies lets say 2500 hz and lower to the woofer and anything above that to the smaller speaker the tweeter.
you just want to wire the pos and neg of the bigger driver the woofer to the woofer part of the crossover and wire the pos and neg of the tweeters to the pos and neg to the crossover on the tweeter labeled part.
and then there should be another set of pos and neg on the crossover and that is to wire that to your amp or headunit depending on what you are using to power the speakers.

the point of a component is to getting a "better" sound so that each driver plays the frequencies they are designed to play to get the max performance out of the speakers.
basically you wont get any bass out of your tweeters which can help save your speakers so they last longer than a coaxial speaker.
of course some coaxial speakers have their own crossovers built into them as well to do the same thing as a component and usually will have different high pass slopes you can use. but thats getting off topic from the question you asked, you asked a simple question and there it is for you.
if you would like to know more about the high pass and low pass and the slopes and what that means i can answer it for you

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what he said.
also, the crossover module is strictly for the midrange and tweeter that came in the speaker set. NOT for the subwoofers, too. Those will be crossed over by the sub amp you drive them with, by using the amp's own built in crossover.

You should be able to download a manual for that comp set from Diamond's website, and they should have come with one as well.

Usually the crossover module has an extra pair or two of terminals that are for the tweeter.

0dB runs the tweeter at full power with the mid.
you may also have a -3dB and -6dB terminal, or similar, which decrease the tweeter power and subsequent output in case you find the tweeter to be too harsh or bright. It's just a simple way to attenuate tweeters via the XO (crossover) module when you have the tweets mounted cloer to you, such as in the A-piller, with the mids lower by your ankles.
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