1995 taurus subs


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what kind of subs would sound great and be cheap? im 15 and just got a car and want to put a/some subs and an amp in.

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Kicker CVRs are cheap and a good value. For amps. phoenix gold and hifonics to name a few are in the economy category.

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are not bad i have a pair aswell as.


and http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_7096_Polk+Audio+MOMO+MM2124.html

this is how they sound.


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I used to run a pair of those polks as well. Always liked them.
How much are you looking to spend?

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i have helped a friend install a couple of those polk db's off of 800w
metered it in the mid 130's. they are hard to beat for that price.

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yup Kicker CVR or Alpine Type R 10" or 12" (single sub) in a ported enclosure.
use your factory stereo and speakers, get an amp like the Alpine MRP-500 to drive the sub, and connect it via the rear speaker leads and a line-out converter (LOC) to the amplifier.

Cheap, adds bass, good to go till you can afford to start upgrading the rest of the system a piece at a time (4 channel amp, speakers, head unit...)

you'll also require a 4AWG amp wiring kit, too.
www.knukonceptz.com or if you don't mind cheap and kind of crappy, Wal-Mart.

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i want to spend as little as possible lol

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also i have no idea about anything like this

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Well I can tell you I have a 1995 ford taurus gl and the best position for the sub is firing up when the box is sitting in the middle all the way back to the tail lights when using a sealed box at least....I tested with a db meter and it was 2 db louder than firing back.........your best hit frequency is 41-43 hz 44 hz being very close also....I hit 127 db with one image dynamics idq v2 12 on 350 watts rms....output dies at about 50 - 52 hz
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