New truck, could use some suggestions on audio equipment


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Actually far from new, but new to me


1994 Chevy Silverado, ext cab, 4x4, 350(5.7) V8, loaded has most available options. I was looking at newer trucks, didn't think i'd find one this old in good shape. 124k miles which for these trucks means half its life is till in it. My old blazer has 204k on it now and is burning more and more oil so it was time to upgrade. And i got a good deal on this one

So anyways, audio... I am going to transfer my CDT components, Fi Qs, american bass 3000w, HU, and battery from the old truck to this one... the old one wil get other cheap equipment I've got sitting around. The new trucks alt is about as good as stock alternators come so idk yet if it will need an HO. My 4ch alpine amp is staying the the old vehicle tho...

So I need a new 2ch amp for the comps. Heres what I've looked at

Lookin for ~200w x2. Also if you got somethin good for sale lemme know.

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i think the ppi looks like a good choice, tho they are both cea rated so thats a good thing.
and kinda off topic but what size q's do you have and what do you think about them sq wise? im sure with their 1000 watt power rating they can get plenty loud but i was thinking of getting a 12'' q

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I have two 10s, SQ is absolutely great with em. They are not real efficient tho, if you want a lot of loudness they might not be the right choice... mine have less output than my single DD 9515 did on the same power. Given the Qs are sealed tho and that was ported.

Gonna be getting a truck box for under the back seat now.

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will you have a build log for us?

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sundown audio sells a 4 channel amp that when bridged to 2 channels is 180W x 2ch @ 4 ohms as I recall.

good amp

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Sundown makes great stuff but I think they're a little more than i can spend here.

And yea sure I'll post pics when its done

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Looks relly clean. Nice truck man,i always liked that body style.
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