Kicker 1500?


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I have a kicker 1500 and i plan on using it for either a kicker sc 15 or a cvx 15.
My questions are
1. Is a HO alt necessary, i have a 92 saturn sc, and when i had a 900 watt rms amp i had no dimming.
2. I have a kinetic hc600, should i install that as well or is it not necessary.
3 Which of those two subs will work better in a sealed application, they will bothe be givin the recomended amt of cb ft.
4. if i port the cvx instead of seal it, how would it differ, in quality and output.
5 The car is really small so is 4 guage enough for that amp, most likely itll be running at 4 ohms, does it still draw the same amt of amperage if its at 2 or 4.

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if running that amp at 4 ohms you should be fine on your stock electrical system.

as for the amp, you are referring to the zx 1500.1? either way i would run the cvx over the sc even though the cvx might be underpowered a bit. you would want to make sure to get a dual 2 ohm vc so you could wire it to 4 ohms.

if you go with a ported enclosure it can be louder but it will have less sound quality. that is just your personal preference. you would more than likely be pleased either way.

the size of the car has nothing to do with the gauge of the wire that you need. it is the amount of current that you need to be concerned with. you could probable squeak by with 4 gauge but i would seriously consider either 2 or 0 gauge.
also while you are at it upgrading the big 3 would really help you.

here is a link to glasswolfs site than can show you about that.

there is alot of good stuff on his website that you could read and learn alot from.

hope i helped a bit

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any thoughts on the battery

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Username: Hjbomega

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help please
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