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Hey guys, been awhile.

With summer coming up I finally have some time to do some stuff at home. I've been wanting to deaden my trunk for quite a while now (Jeep Cherokee). What has been determined to be the best deadener? Was it Second Skin maybe? Haha I forget...

Also, these are my plans, let me know what everyone thinks. Pop the trunk (tailgate) panel off, wrap all the metal in the deadener, and then fill the space in between the exterior sheet metal with like great stuff or something. (Obviously go slowly because it expands like craazy) I thought I read somewhere that that is okay to do. Any thoughts/tips, never really done much deadening.....

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Sounds like a good plan. I did 3 coats on my tailgate, then filled the gap with great stuff. Did the same for my last trunk.

I would get damplifier pro for the trunk lid, and b-stock spl tiles for the areas that aren't upside down.

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Forgot, I also added 2-3 layers of Spectrum spray as a final coat on things. It helps some, and makes things look nice and smoothed over.

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i wana do my hatch on my jeep cherokee sport, so damplifier pro is the best? and some of those SPL tiles would be plenty?

also i was woundering if you could deaden to much? i know you can if you'r just going for db's, but what about for a daily ground pounder. i ask because i wana do my roof as well.
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