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I bought a hifonics 1200 d class mono amp originally planning on hooking it up to two type r's wired down to 1 ohm...Let me know the truth,in a 2.0 cube box per sub tuned at 30hz will this system pound? 1 more question are there two more 12'' subs out there better than the type r's for about the same $? #1 im worried about is will these two subs pound loud as fu*k or am i just wasting$....At 30 hz these 600 rms subs should throw down lows perfect.... All suggestions will be appreciated. Ty

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30 Hz may be a little low for type Rs. 35 Hz may be more suited for those subs. WIth 2 cubic feet per sub though, they should sound pretty good. For the money the type Rs are tough to beat.

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30hz might be to low,idk. When i had my 2 type r 12s. There were in 2cu ft per tuned to 33hz and i really liked the way they sounded. Imo,for the money i dont think you'll find a better sub.

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tuning that low will hit very deeply but you will lose some output by doing so.
you have to trade low frequency response for output woth a ported box, essentially.
If you want pure SPL, then port for closer to 40-45Hz. If you want it musical and deep, then 28-34Hz is your range.

Either way it should hit hard @ 600 watts per sub with two cubic feet per.

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i like the thread title ...

off my experience with those subs i rec a 33-34hz for a nice mix of low & loud ....between 2-2,25cuft each is good

u will get some sweet output if u use a 4" aeroport on each sub & u will save on trunk space too , the good psp brand aeroports will cost u about $15 each though ...check parts express for them

like said above type Rs are hard to beat for the $ ...


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The hifonics amp will be the weak part of your system. The type-r's are good subs. Even with the hifonics amp it should get fairly loud.

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yeah im gonna come throw my input in here, which is about the same as everyone has been saying.. 30 for the R's are kinda low. ive built several boxes for dual R's and i would say that my favorite was the 33Hz tuned one.. played lows okay, and still had good output.. you wont be disappointed though. youve got some great speakers there.
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