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Username: Mattl

Bolingbrook, Illinois USA

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Registered: Jun-04
Two things about this forum annoyed me today:
1. Response and the ability to post is getting ridiculous. It's hard to tell whether the system is going to die or you're going to have 3 copies posted.

2. People like JeremyC revive months-old threads, making it difficult to discern new, valid questions and comments.

So, does anyone else here post on other sites/forums? I like the little community we've got, but am about fed up with the "issues".


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1) We are investigating server issues and hope to have any posting problems cleared up shortly.

2) New threads, or responses to existing threads always move the thread to the top of each topic page.

There are a few other ways to keep up with new posts/threads.
- Read the list of Today's Posts.
- Read the list of Posts from this Week.
- Use the Search by date checkbox on our search page

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Username: Mattl

Bolingbrook, Illinois USA

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Registered: Jun-04
Can you have the system automatically lock threads with no new posts in 30 days?

I'm here 99% of the time to help other people. I can usually open the board, see what new questions there are, see which ones Jonathan has answered, see who's replied, etc. But when someone randomly replies on 20 threads from over a month ago, there is no way for me to tell what's new and/or valid.

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