When do u need a cap


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I'm going to be installing 2 Pioneer TS-W307D4 powered by a 2ch Pyle 1400w amp im also installing a alpine 4ch 400w amp powering 2x alpine 6x9 type S and 2x alpine 4.5 type S I'm also planing on using a Pyle PLTS77DU 7-Inch In-Dash
any recommendations? i got all this for $550American

do i need a cap? I have also read what people have said about the alt. so i dont know if i need that? I have a 2003 dodge ram 1500 and I'm putting in an optima redtop , is 8g good enough?

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Stocks fine for your setup... That amps probably doing only 150 watts rms per channel .. I wouldn't even bother with the optima red top if you have a fully functioning battery at current but if you have the cash to waste and you feel like upgrading the battery, optima makes a solid battery so go for it

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anything wrong with any of that stuff? should i upgrade or change any brand for what kinda money i spent i got touch dvd motorized for 180. 130 for the subs. amp was 60.

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Check it out,your alt should be pushing plenty ampres for your system,but as for wiring here's what you need to do. Check the RMS wattage on every channel of both amps and add them all together. Remember,your working off of RMS here,not MAX. Take your total and multiply it by two. Take that total and divide it by 13.8 and the number you are left with will be the ballpark of ampres your system is drawing. If you are drawing more than 60-80 or so(you most likely are), then you wanna go for ANL fuse intead of the typical AGU. They are typically 100 amps on up. As for wiring,go to crutchfield.com and go to the LEARN section and check out the cable gauge selection chart. Compare how many ampres your drawing,with the length of cable needed,and it will let you know what to go for. I have a feeling it's gonna be 4 gauge though if I had to guess. I know it all sounds like a pain in the a**,but it will keep you from blowin fuses left and right or igniting your ride(it has been known to happen) Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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