PDX 1.1000 and 12 Fi Bl a good combo?


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BTW Hey I am new to the forums!! =D

I own the pdx from current setup with the 1243 type x. I am ordering a BL 2omn DVC. Should I keep it to save some money and use it for the FI sub? Is the PDX sufficient?

Thanks for all your replies!

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Brandon, MS U.S.

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those should match up pretty well since the pdx 1.1000 does 1000w @ 4ohms..

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havent used any but if i had had to choose a fi to work oof that map id do SSD since its rated 800wrms & u wud want headroom on ur amp + Fi r reputed to take alot more power than rated so 1000 on a 800 sub is what id pick ......

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keep the type x. the type x has one of the best sq i've heard. i doubt you'll like the bl better than the type x. that is unless you want loud.

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Rovin: But wouldn't it be louder if I went with the BL with 1229 birthsheet rms at 4 ohm?

Chand Lee: I'll agree, it has the best SQ, it is loud with mids, IT CANT PLAY LOWS such as bass test songs such as bassotronics?? - bass I love you? So basically it skips certain notes.....

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1 15 = 152.5 DBs ...Trinidad & T...

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ok well i wasnt aware of its birthsheet saying that much over 1000 so u might be right with ur BL choice ...

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The combo is fine.

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What are you gunna have your BL tuned to?

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Your complaint about the Type-X sounds enclosure related. What are you using for an enclosure?

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i agree with cam,
the BLs are very nice but i bet u could tune it lower and get more of the sound u wanted wit ur type x

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