External Hard Drive MP3 Audio Reciever


I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a car reciever out there that will let you connect an exteral hard drive via USB that will decode streaming MP3's from the Drive? All the player's with embedded drives are outragiously expensive $1,000+. Why wouldn't it be possible to buy a cheap $50 20 gig HD, Upload it with MP3's, place it in the
trunk, connect a 12v power supply and a USB or some other data connection to an in dash reciver that decodes the MP3's on the drive. Any thoughts, has anyone tried this? Thanks,

That's a very good question. One I have been trying to get solved. Even if you could find a reciever that would accept an input like USB or Fire Wire you would still need the correct software. Then hopefuly u could properly select the music u wanted. I have been toying with building a very small PC for my vehicle and putting where the stupid 10CD changer is and using some sort of touch screen to control the unit with all 25+ gigs of music. I expect problems w/ interfaces, temps in my car, finding the right size screen to go where the bulky OEM unit is, being able to still run a single CD & fitting it under the screen, finding a small enough radio card or use a different type of PCI slot, and finally building a unit so it looks professional. Any ideas??
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