07 yukon or Foose f150


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Whats up fellas, got a couple questions.... my lease just ended on my 07 yukon, so i have a few options...I bought out the lease on the yukon, and i can either keep that, and finally do my system like i want to, or I can trade it in and get a 08 foose edition f150 for only about a 3 grand difference. Give me a lil help on your thoughts on each, and how practical would a few thousand dollar setup be in a pickup truck. I appreciate the help!!

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If you like the yukon keep it. It will be easier to setup a system.

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Keep the yukon and put a $3k system in it

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Keep the yukon and put a $3k system in it


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Yeah if your trying to put a nice system in either vehicle the Yukon in my opinion is the way to go.

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Yukon imo

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uhh, not sure who's seen a foose f150 before, but they're sick looking. if your really serious about a system and want the truck, the rear seats can be dealt with and you can get very very loud. sure the yukon would be easier to install on, but you could get louder easier in the foose.

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do you mean the rear seats taken out?? because i usually drive with three or more people, so thats not an option... i really love my yukon, but only 3k extra for a brand new truck is somewhat difficult to pass up. Either way ill still have a pretty nice ride, so i dont know. I apppreciate the help.
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