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So I'm stepping it up a notch, need more powwa! I'm not sure how long I'm going to be driving my current vehicle, so not sure if I want to dump an alt in it. What would be better to run around ~2kw daily... HO alt w/stock batt OR just 1 drycell batt w/stock alt? Do they have alts with a general size and I can just buy a bracket to swap from one vehicle to another, like from one GM to another GM vehicle?

Btw I currently have have stock 105a delco alt w/ interstate wet batt in a 98 grand prix

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i wud get the alt 1st which makes the power where as a batt only stores it

later on u shud upgrade ur batt to a drycell like XS \ optima \ oddessy \ kinetik etc ...

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idk about changing alts. i would just get a pair of good batts if ur going to move it out. then u would not have wasted the money on a big alt

then u can get a new alt in ur new car!

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I'd go with an alt first. And yes they have alts that will fit in the stock spot...

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To make a solid electrical system you really need both, alternator and battery. I would say hold off on the big system till you get the new car.

Alternators in most cases will not swap. Especially with newer vehicles where the BCM controls the electronics. It is not the physical mounting that is the problem its the electronic interface with the vehicle.

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Well I guess it will just depend on what amp I get, and what it needs for electrical. I'm just not really sure when I'm gonna sell this vehicle lol.

Found a really good deal on an SAZ-1500 and possibly an RD1750.1, but I think I might want more power. If I go with around 2.2-2.5kw, anyone think I will NOT be ok with just 2 dry batts daily?

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I've ran both a DX1500.1 (same board as the SAZ-1500) and an RD1750.1 on stock electricals with no problems so i think you'd be fine with 2 dry cells with that much power ;) but thats just if you ask me

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^Stock batt and alt? Maybe then I will just grag a single batt+big 3 and call it a day. Just found a VFL-150.1 for nice price, idk too many amps to choose from
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