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(Okay so I will explain this first before the flaming starts. I bought this equipment for fairly cheap and had it installed by ABC warehouse because it was middle semester and I didn't have the time to install it all myself.)

Sub - RF T1 Duel 2Ohm 2&family_id=12&item_id=91837&locale=en_US&p_status=

Amp - Precision Power 1000/1 Stable at 1Ohm Birth sheet stated 699WRMS @ 1Ohm
Question: If anyone can find a picture of what the panel looks like and let me know what I should have the settings at would be very helpful. I tried messing with the settings and I think I got everything close but to me the gain seems a bit high, almost 7/8ths. The deck goes to 35 max volume and I set the gain at 28/29.

Deck - Receiver/KDC-X993

Box - Using a shitty bassworx box (I bummed off a friend until I get time to build one) 1.9 Cu Ft. Tuned to 39hz, this box has a very large amount of port noise.
These are the box spec's I grabbed off their website and I think this is what I will be building in about a week or so. I will be using 1" MDF with another 1" baffle on the front side. p_faqid=469&p_prod_lvl1=19&p_prod_lvl2=26&p_cat_lvl1=5&p_cat_lvl2=&p_search_text =469&p_search_type=2%3Afaqs.faq_id

Question: How would I be able to tune it lower? Would I increase the length or decrease the length of the L port? What are the positives for tuning it lower? Does it help the sub hit the lower freqs? I am also open to any suggestions for modifications to the box. Also I planned on putting 90degree corner braces in.

Running 4gage power/ground

Also have a Yellow Top.
I will be posting pics/vid prolly tomorrow.
(For some reason this thing shakes the steering column.)
1998 Ford Taurus

PS you guys are awesome, I love these forums =)

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Username: Audiobahn_man

Freakmont, MI

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Anyone? I plan on building the box this weekend.

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