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this wat u using???

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im using advantech

it is no smooth but its strong stuff! just go to lows or something and look at a sheet. it stronger than trupan, mdf, and even baltic birch...... or at least that is what i was told.
it is pressed but it is pressed at a much higher pressure and it is pressed with a resin or something... idk! but its strong
i wouldn't waste me time wit regular plywood

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Did you know that strength isn't the only reason why people use MDF for boxes? The MAIN reason is that it is acoustically dead.

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he doesnt know much.

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x2 nick...

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if he fiberglasses over the advantech i dont see the problem

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you should work on your grammar, but mainly do some research on the materials you use.
1. you might know what you're doing.
2. you stop yourself from constantly sounding like a complete idiot.

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Check into OSB also. I had a box made for me one time and the guy used that and it was strong as heck and lighter than MDF but he did resin over it...


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OSB. Oriented Strand Board. Some call it waffer or flake board. My industry uses it ALL the time in construction. Mostly panels though. And we almost NEVER sheath corner construction with it. It's a strength issue. Cheaper/lighter yes. By far.

For box construction I would avoid it. It doesn't hold a screw edgewise to save its' life.

Just my $.02.

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OSB is strong . if u use glue and fibgerglass u can get about anything to hold togather good.

now idk about u guys! but when i make a box using mdf or what ever wood i use i go over the inside with fiberglass resin or maybe just glass all of it. that was i don't have to worry aobut the voids

now advantech compared to OSB>??? i got this right off the like i just showed u

AdvanTech flooring's moisture resistance, design bending strength and design stiffness are superior in comparison to commodity OSB or plywood

now i am not going to say that i found this and am the first to ever use it. i told u all before jermy Ledgerwood was the guy that told me about this. and he has use it , baltic and mdf.
he says mdf is pretty crappy to use for spl.
so i thought hey ill look it up! and from what i can see its stronger. that with maybe layers of fiberglass its going to be good. i can't find any reason not to use it other than its kinda heavy but no more than mdf

i can see none of u have ever tried it???? maybe i should make like 3 or 4 boxes that are all the same but different wood and get a meter to see what difference we can tell

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any one???

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Ledgerwood from Team AudioQue?

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yep. he lives like a few miles away from me
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