Ok what ported box?


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Ok im trying to find a ported box for my re audio 12 inch xxx subs. I have 2 re audio 12 inch xxx subs and dont know what box i should get. Heres the specs.

Ported Compact- 1.7@35hz
Ported Optimal- 2.2@34hz

Product Dimension12"
Mounting Depth - 12.75"
Mounting Hole Diameter - 11.5"
Overall Diameter - 13"
Bolt Hole Circle - 12.25"
Motor Width - 10.5"
Motor Depth - 5"
Basket Depth - 7.75"
Displacement - 0.24 cu. ft.
Weight - 72 lbs

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you should add your max dimensions you can work with, what type of vehicle this is going into, and can you build your own box.

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I have someone who can. Its going in an 03 chevy cavalier. Is there any good boxes that are sold these would work with or what?

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Anyone have any ideas?

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Two 12's in a box that is 2.2cuft? Try again bud.

What are your max dimensions?
Who is building it for you?
You can buy one from BJ Fisher or basically anyone to be honest. I'm sure there are bunch of people here who would build you one for on the cheap.

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Thats what the specs on re audios site are. There just really big subs and i want to make sure i get a box that fits them and i dont know if i need a custom box or if i can just buy one

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My trunks roughly about 38 inches length wise and 16 inches height wise

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i got an 02 cavalier with 2 re mx's. theres no possable way of getting a box that will work good for ur 2 xxxs. ur max dims are 35x14.5x18. this is the biggest box possable thats gonna fit in ur trunk, unless u take the trunk hinges off and bend some metal. just a heads up i spent many hours biuldin boxes and tryin to get something to work, ur best bet is to just biuld one box for one sub. a properly built ported box for one of those subs will be much louder then 2 sealed as well.

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Will regular dual ported boxes work or are the subs to big?

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u need something build to specs of the subs. u wont be happy with a prefab.
ill build ya a box email me

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box specs are for 1 sub.. that means 4.4 for 2

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lol first off, you're putting even 1 XXX in a cavalier? dude i love the sub but i didnt think a car like that could handle them?

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OK All i want to know is what i should do like what ported box would be ideal for these subs

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just email RE they will help u ....
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