10w7 and 500/1 setup...voltage problem or box???


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I went to my local JL dealer to get my 10w7 tested because I thought it was blown (it was making popping noises and not hitting like it should). They tested the sub and it worked perfect. I put it in my truck for them to listen, thinking it was my amp that was messed up and the sub sounded really good. I went home and readjusted the amp using JL's tutorial gain settings and the sub bumped a lot more. Problem is when I start driving, the sub is not loud at all and is not putting out the same bass when the truck is parked. I have the 500/1 hooked up straight from the cd player and I figured I was loosing input volts...or could I be loosing battery voltage and this be an alternator problem (I have an optima yellow top and I have 4 gauge wire splitting into 8 guage into my two amps)??? or would it help if I ran the rcas through my eql and used the 24xs as my crossover. Right now I just have the eql cleaning up my 300/4 and not using my 24xs...The guys at the shop told me the box looked small for a w7 (it is sealed). and recommended me get a ported my situation a box problem??? some sort of losing of voltage??? or both??? Thanks.
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