Help! Trouble with new setup! No bass!


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I've recently thrown out the stock components on my VS Commodore and got my hands on some new stuff.

First I got a new Sony head unit, the CDX-F7705X...

My friend installed that for me, and instantly I noticed that while the sound quality was already far better, it didn't seem as bassy. It also seemed to distort quicker without as much bass. I instantly thought that maybe the negative and positive were connected to the head unit the wrong way, but didn't want to bother as I was getting new speakers.

So, I bought new speakers, two sets of Pioneer's flag-ship splits, the TS-C160R's. Both front and rear have a pair of those component splits, and were installed professionally.

Still, I have no bass. I've tried tests such as fading it from left, to centre, to right, and from rear to front - none of which seem to sound any bassier than the other.

I'm thinking maybe the head unit just isn't cracked up for powering speakers... I have a new JBL amplifier on the way that will put out 50W RMS to each speaker, hopefully this solves my problem, however if anyone has any idea's I'd LOVE to hear them - It's not nice buying $1900 Australian dollars of equipment and having a bassless system!

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I've read some more threads on this forum, mainly about under-powering speakers. These speakers like to chew 60W RMS, and my head unit claims to put out a max of 23.3W RMS (which is reality would be lower).

Now, according to some participants here that can be a perfect reason for distortion and lack of bass - but that it can also damage my speakers if pushing them into the head unit's distortion range... what exactly is that? If I'm hearing distortion, is that in the head unit's distortion range? I'm hearing very slight pops from my front tweeters now and then, I hope I haven't already done any damage. I need this amp to get here quick, by the sound of it...

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Why not get a 10" subwoofer for your bass? Then just use the reciever to power the mids and highs? Just a thought

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Yes, you've got classic underpowering. Referring to Jonathan's earlier advice in a similar thread: don't play it high enough to get distortion (even if that's very low) and get 60W RMS to those speakers as soon as possible.


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I'm going to be putting 50W RMS to the speakers with a JBL GTO 4000, hopefully that should do the trick.

As for getting a sub and letting the reciever continue to power the mids and highs, that wouldn't solve the distortion, lack of bass or lack of volume via my two sets of splits? I don't see any point in having a pumping sub if I still can't turn the system up any louder.

But yes, I do plan on getting a 10", perhaps two at some stage - but first I'll get the rest of my system setup flawlessly first.
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