Idea for a new setup i want to get


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so i havent had a setup for a while cause of my bumb self not setting it up right and blowing my amp and subs.. but i have been looking around a little bit and this is an idea. (and pointers or ideas will help). i got a 96 infiniti i30 same car as nissan maxima.. and im wanted to do 3 10's in the back.. sooo i found a 200amp alt for for 300 dollors. i think thats a bomb price for a highouptput alt for a import. and then put in a battery isolator to a seperate batt in the trunk. maybe a kinetik or something.. run 3 FI Q 10's in the back. but im not all sure what amps to push it. i really like the alpine pdx1.1000. getting maybe 3 of them or what would be a good combo of amps. also if i was to run 3 amps how well could i tune them cause i heard its hard to setup multiple amps to play good. it'll take some money to do this but hopefully soon i will have my boom booms again.

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I have 3 sound splinter RL-I10's if you are interested. They are 500 watts rms but they can handle more. And you can use a pdx 1.1000 for 2 of the subs and a pdx 1.600 for the other sub. Or you could do 3 pdx 1.600 for each sub. Then you would be able to get away with an upgraded alt and one good battery up front.

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Get one amp for all the subs.

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^ x2

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what ohm loads could he be looking at i would go with a memphis 4k or saz3000d.. soulds like u have a bit of money to toss around(i hate alpine amps :D...)

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No memphis 4kw... terriably inefficient amps. There are MANY better amps out there from several good companies.

And alpine makes good quality amlifiers.
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