Whats wrong with my system?


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I have a JL 1000/1 that works fine in my stock 1985 Caprice Wagon, but in my buddies 1997 MAzda Protege it hardly pushes any power. I put my complete system in his car, same wiring everything and it was still weak. Whats wrong with his car?

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Set gain correctly?

HU settings correct?

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I might sound like an idiot, but I don't know what the HU settings are. ha

As for the gain it was sitting at about 60% hooked up to my Alpine X in my car and it pounded. Took the entire system, (Amp, box, subs, and cap) and hooked it all up in his car to see if it was his subs, and it barely moved the X with the same settings.

Replaced ALL the wiring with brand new 4 awg Audiopipe like mine, still didn't work. Tried the ground, it was fine on any other amp. Its only the JL 1000/1 amp that wont work in his car.

So I guess it could be the HU settings since I don't even know they are.
How would I adjust it appropriately?

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Ok, I just had an ephiphony.
HU= Head Unit, haha
So, in this scenario, what could be causing the JL amp to be weak when a Kenwood 1000 watt works fine?

HU settings made me think their was some kind of extra setting on the amp i've never heard of. haha, wouldn't surprise me with how complex JL seems to be.
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