just got a capacitor an i installed it all fine and my subs work but my capacitor doesnt turn on.
how do i charge it? it didnt come with instructions i got it off this guy i worked with i know it works i just dont know how to work it? i know your supposed to charge them but how??

The cap has two mounting lugs on top and they should be marked (+) and (-).

The (-) goes directly to the chassis ground (use cable that is at least as big as your primary power cable.)

The (+) goes on the power lead...from the battery to the (+) of the cap and from the (+) of the cap out to the amp. HOWEVER...

The cap needs to be charged. if you didn't get the charging resistor that came with the cap you'll need to get one. THE CAP MUST BE CHARGED PROPERLY OR IT WILL NOT WORK RIGHT. You'll need a resistor of approx 1k ohm and a multimeter that reads DC voltage.

There is a good post around here somewhere with a link to a neat graphic showing how to hook it up and how to charge it....just look around.
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