Did the Obama thread get deleted?


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That sucks almost as much as the next four years are going to.

How did we elect this clown?


Over McCain...


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"How did we elect this clown? "

the people who want more money for doing nothing

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If I see another comment about McCain, Obama, or the election in general, I might have to fukking shoot myself.

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obama fama bo bama
fe fi fo fama

i is ah rapper

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Hey look!
It's M.C. White!

And Yes, I agree the next four years are going to suck. Nothing we can do about it now.

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See his new presidential limo though?Upload

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I did NOT vote for Obama. Let me say that first. His political position to help the middle class first is a very touchy subject among voters of both parties. The middle class works for the very engine he wishes to burden to pay for his policies. If needed they will move their production facilities to a cheaper labor force to remain profitable. We've already seen this happening. At the very least we all can see how current labor markets have shifted to illegal immigrant employees. If you are a small business owner you know what I'm talking about. To make money in today's economy you need to lower your costs. If that means having your product assembled in Antarctica as long as it's cheaper for you, you'll do it.

I can't count how many businesses I see locally that rely on immigrant (legal or otherwise) workers. They're cheap, come in truckloads, and are quickly replaceable. They will work for a fraction of what most will and don't complain! (At first anyway).

Ironically, most of those same business owners who thrive off the cheap labor still hold their ground as anti immigration advocates.

There's waaay too much to the subject to sum it up in any forum.

But let me say this. I have my beliefs and doubts in Obama. So do millions of others. As with any previous president elect, I cannot deny his chance in proving us all wrong. I have my opinion and vote and neither made a difference this election but it WAS accounted for. All I can do now as an American is support the person elected by the majority, right or wrong as even you or I see fit. I think Obama's economical views weighed most heavily on the nations voters and that won it for him. He hit the nail on the head on what America needed/wanted to hear today.

Yet as an American, I can't see how we can afford to be divided anymore than we already are.

Is anyone else on the same page as me here???

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lmao.... That would be tight.

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i find it funny that there is nobody really supporting him on here although he got the majority of the votes...

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I'm on your page Paul.

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I didn't vote for him Eric. Yet I can tell you why the majority did.

The majority is in trouble. And Obama is the promised land. He promised to deliver what's needed.

And Paul will drink another beer lol.

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I sure as hell voted against him

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"I sure as hell voted against him"


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I voted third party as it did not make a difference in the state of Maryland who I voted for. I am very against much of what he pushing during the campaign, and even more so against his real intentions and prior campaign history and intentions.

But he did get elected by a little more then 1/2 of the country so we have to give him a chance to make good on some of his massive promises, because in the end we never really had a choice now did we.

The best thing to do is learn about how his intentions effect each of us, and how we can protect ourselves before the Democrat controlled government decides to make choices and decisions for us. Nothing more we can do really. It is a shame because many small businesses are stretched thin and are very worried about their future.


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Thank you guys for bringing stupid politics here into the car audio thread.

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ya who gives a fu<k you do realize obama already won? let it go
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