15" vs. 2-12"


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I am writing in regaurds to my 19 yr old son! He has a 1995 olds Cutlass Ciera 4 door with a back seat that will not lay down!! I know my son is more of an SPL type of guy you could say, maybe 70/30 SPL over SQ, but here's where we sit? We have a Pioneer HU with a .5 ohm stable Lanzar Opti2000d we were going to maybe go with a sub 300 or under! I thought a 15 would hit a little harder but with the amp we have a single 15 dvc 2x2 won't go to .5 I don't think! 2 -12" optidrives will wire down to .5 and they sound good, we have heard a set before in my car! So, with a trunk set-up will a single 15 hit harder than the 12's???? Thanks, always enjoy your comments! Ps. I had a guy going to sell me a MT RE 15 for 380 shipped on ebay, but you know how that works? I have also ran accross a 15" L7 DVC 2X2 250.00 WITH A 4.0cu ENCLOSER! And a BL 15 FOR UNDER 300! remember he likes SPL so besides getting a new car what can we do??????? HELP!!
15 OR 12X2

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Two 12s would be louder than one 15"

Two standard BLs would do well

NO L7s

And that amp is very inefficient and will put a hurtin on your electrical system.... don't try and run that without a high current battery and preferrably HO alt also.

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two 12's
as far as subs fi bl would be a good choice. there alot of subs in that price range though. sql subs i would rec are
dcsoundlab.com lv4
rdaudio.net sonance series
ddaudio.com 3500 series

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2 12s have slightly more cone area than 1 15 but both occupies closely about the same amt of cuft ....
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