Sealant for sub to box contact


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Air is escaping from the top part of my box where the sub meets the box no matter how hard I seem to screw it...

was wondering what kind of methods are used to seal it real tight. Someone suggested rubber weather strip and I picked some up at lowe's. I'm about to screw the sub in and i've added the strip which looked like a waste buying and i highly doubt its going to solve my problem.

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strip caulking works best.

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Rubber weatherstrip works great I have used it countless times

Problem could be if the sub is not sitting flat on the box.... is the cutout not big enough

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if your trying to mount the sub in the box while its in your car that could be ur prob that happened to me

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I don't know if anyone here has ever mentioned this tip but it has happened to me b4. When screwing your sub to your box it's always best to lay the box on its' back so to speak. (The sub hole on the top).

Just something I've had happen to me was the order in which you screw the sub in has a play on the sub's frame. Just like how you change your car's tire. Alternate the holes in a star pattern. Sounds crazy but if your screws aren't tightened to the same pressure the sub's frame could bend a tad if you use sealant/gasket of some sort. I've bent frames b4 and had the same problem. When you swap out the sub and put it in a different box is when you see the damage. It helps a little, sometimes enough.

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I didn't think anyone would be dumb enough to try and mount a sub with the box not on it's back, but thats a good point

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silicone 2!
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