What subs for an SQL system on a budget?


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I want a SQL system on a budget (under $600 for subs, amp, box?). It does not have to be ridiculously loud, but semi-loud while sounding good. I listen to rap and hip-hop. I'm leaning towards sealed to save space, save money, and improve SQ. I drive a 98 subaru impreza.

x2 Alpine Type-R
x1 JL 13W3V3
x2 JL 12W3V3
x1 RE SE12
x2 RE SE12
x1 RE SE15

Do you guys like any of these sealed options? Or do you have any better ideas? Thank You!

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go with 2 type r's in a sealed box no baffel between the subs just one chamber with both in it..... on maybe a kicker zx1000.1 the subs will have to be dual vc if u go with this :-)

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i would run more than a zx1000.1 on 2 type-rs.

however i would go with 2 RE SE 12s, IMO it would be better.

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SE's for sure

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"on maybe a kicker zx1000.1 the subs will have to be dual vc if u go with this"

that makes no sense at all. bruce ftl again!

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I vote to start with a single SE 12 and go from there.

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If you want low end with more mid bass I would think a a single jl 12w6v2 would be better than a resonant engineering se might be this sub has excellent sq and decent output. But I havent heard the se only the re entry level I own and it doesnt seem to have much output above 50 hz. Also the 12w6 is a much better sub than the w3. Ive heard both. You can get a jl 12w6 for 314.99 shipped.


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how about a fi Q or BL https://ssl.perfora.net/www.ficaraudio.com/sess/utn;jsessionid=1548ea10b57f63a/shopdata/0050_Speakers/product_overview.shopscript

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stupid ad cut it off just go to www.ficaraudio.com

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A single SE12 sealed w/ ~500-600wrms would sound nice. If you just want a little bass, you would be fine.

Try a ~1000-1200wrms 1ohm stable amp w/ 1 DVC4ohm SE12 in ~1cuft. You can always add a second sub if it is not loud enough.

The build will be very easy, you can just get a half sheet of 3/4" MDF.

A quick sealed box something like, 12.5"x12.5"x18" would be as easy as it gets.
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