Jl 12w7 vs. mtx 9500 12


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OK heres to anyone wondering. for a long time ive wanted to compare the mtx 12 9500 to a jl 12w7.

results were a little shocking considering everyone talks a lot of hype about the oh-so perfect w7.

anyways both setups were very amazing in sql/spl.

to let you know i was testing these subs with rap music w/ LOW rolling constant bass freq. ex. is gucci mane, lil jon, and a few others

first i installed (myself) 2 mtx 9500 12 in a ported 5 cube enclosure tuned to 30 hz. and oh my goodness the output was insane, way more than your average joe's setup of course. the mtx wouldnt really pick up the higher notes such as 65 and above, and really didnt sound all that great below about 25. but in between 25-65 hz. it had a considerable amount of more output than the 12w7s did in this range. before i go on any further I USED THE SAME AMP AND ENCLOSURE FOR BOTH SET UPS.

Now for the w7s the sq was a tiny bit better than the mtxs and hit the higher notes better. the low notes under 25 were ok, better than the mtxs though. but nothing like the audiobahn 18 i once had, those lows were sick, you could feel those lows long ways away. but any ways, thats a different thread.

oh by the way i was using a jl 1000/1

so these 2 different were both awesome i still cant decide which one i liked more.

lets here your opinions

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Any DB readings on a TL?

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so, you had 1 1000/1 on both 2 sub setups?

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Hahaha and that is exactly why this "review" is horseshit
The enclosure matters much more than the sub and you didn't put each in it's specified enclosure.

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thats like that vid of them compared and the w7 smokes. not very good way to compare.

Maybe you should read up on it at the great 12 challange.

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naw man u cant use the same box to give a proper testing\review ...

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Build boxes to spec for each sub,then run it.

"but nothing like the audiobahn 18 i once had"

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