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I own a sony explode but not the manual so i was wondering if anyone knew how to program the cd's into the stereo.

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Open the tray, put the CD in, press "play", and you have a few seconds to run for cover.

If Sony Corporation is too important, or too busy, to provide you with the user manual, replace the Sony explode. Are you sure that is what it is called?

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i have a sony explode 500 watt amp with a 10 inch sony explode sub 4 ohm. the sub is a 1100 watt peak and a 300 watt constant running. i bought the standard amp wiring kit. it is in a jeep cherokee country and i was wondering if anyone knew the best way to wire it to get the max sound out of it. i got it wired by the book but i was wondering if there was a safe optional wiring technique that would sound better without worry about messing up the amp or speaker.and would it make a big difference with a larger box that is ported and with 500 watt amp will i be able to push two tens with it. if you have any answers or ideas please write to appreciate it

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my sony xplod says "ERR 99"
any ideas as to what this means? and how to fix it?-----

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yea, my sony xplod deck says 'ERR 04',
anyone with a manual mind tellin me if thats a bad lens or whats goin on cuz my cds wont play.
please email me, really appreciate it..

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well demetri ur error means that the server in the cd pplayer has went out and jules ur laser is burnt out.demetri urs can be fixed pretty cheap but jules u can either ditch urs or gety it fixed but u will be paying more for the repair than u did the cd player

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Dear sir,

We have this service manual in stock.
kindly contect us on or

thanking you
kirit shah

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I have an x-plode m8805. I think the security lockout has been engaged (I was having some electrical problems) and not I can't load a cd. There are 2 pins or something sticking up where you load a disc preventing it from being able to take a cd. Any suggestions?

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Oh yeah, my email is

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I have a sony explode cd player and first the opened right side went out, then the left, it worked by remote, along with the face screen, until today. Do you think it shorted out, and is it worth even sending in?

I have 2 sony xplode 10' sub running 4 ohms each bridged on an 800 watt kenwood 4/3/2 channel amp. i ran a 12 MTX in a sledge hammer vented bass reflex box on the same amp and it kicked the crud out of the two 10's half ways up as the sonys were full blast...son'y sucks

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I have a sony xplode system in my El Dorado and man does it ever suck. Should've bought a Jensen instead.

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hi,I need some advice on some Audio gear thats been left to me by my travelling brother and some friendly tips or constructive criticism would be helpfull. Firstly the gear i have is a sony Xplod 500w 4/3 channel amp and a 800w Pioneer 12" sub.

Besides the obvious that they are two different brands im assuming that they should still hold the same wireing princible? And do the work togeather? Also, keeping in mind that this gear is a "hand me down" i would like to prevent discarding them both.What do i need for these things?I only have the amp and sub nothing else! please help me out mate!

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hey, boyfromoz what u need to get the head unit of course and then an amp wiring kit (up to 800Watts). and a sub box if u don't already have one. and connest the amp wires up to the battery(your hotwire), back of head unit(rca jax and acc wire), and ground(from amp to good metal ground.), and then run the speaker wire from the amp the to back of the sub box.

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This needs to be in the CAR AUDIO section boys, not here. Oh and by the way, it's Sony XPLOD not "explode"! I don't even own one and I know that much.
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