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What does ground strap and ground return mean & when you upgrade them, how does it benefit your electrical system?

Also, does anyone think using 2AWG power cable is a little too big to run sub amps. It's beneficial to do this for future upgrades, but 4AWG is big enough for 1000 watt amps. Just wanted to get some feedback on what size to get -4AWG or 2AWG since none of my amps will go above 1000 amps.

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Stick with 2AWG Wire, 2AWG is used mostly for 2 AMP's sharing the same power cable or its probably benifical in compition.

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Opp's, Typo i ment stick with 4AWG Wire sorry.

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4 guage is fine for the average system. 2 guage or 0 guage is for the big boys. As for the ground strap, or ground return, I am not sure what you mean. However I will tell you I always run a 4 guage wire between my alt and battery, and from my battery to ground. By adding a second wire you alow for more current flow with less restriction. As for the benifit on the ground side of the electrical system. Electricity flows from ground to positive. (most people don't know this). So by adding a second shorter ground wire you are again increasing the current flow, and reducing resistance.

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wire gauge is based on distance, and current.
see here:
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