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Hi I Have Some Question If You Guys Could Help Me Out. Help Is Appreciated
I Have A 2006 Dodge Charger

1. I Plan On Getting 1 KICKER S12X (2-ohm voice coils) 12" 2007 SoloX Sub And 1 Kicker ZX2500.1 Amp. is this a perfect combination? or is there a better amp?

2. Which Is Better To Get 1 - 2007 KICKER S12X 12"(2-ohm voice coils) Or 2 - 2008 KICKER S12L7 12" L7 SOLO BARIC sub (2-ohm voice coils)

2 - 2008 KICKER S12L7 12" solo baric:= $389.99
1500 rms, 750 rms Per Sub, 3000 peak, Mounting Depth: 6-11/16", Mounting Cutout: 11-1/16" (Square) "Per Sub"

1 - 2007 KICKER S12X 12" solo x: = $579.99
2500 rms, 5000 peak, Mounting Depth - 8-9/16", Mounting Cutout - (Square):11-1/4"

3. what does Mounting Depth & Mounting Cutout mean?

4. if i got the KICKER S12L7 12" what size box would i need? if i got the KICKER S12X 12" what size box would i need? would they fit in the same size box?

5. If i got the KICKER S12L7 what would be the best amp for it?

6. will i need a new alternator for either one? what is a good alternator for each sub? how many amps are required to run the subs?

7. Whats A Good Capacitor For The S12X & S12L7?

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u just missed it.. I just sold 2- 12" solo x d2's for 400 for both... sorry.

now for you questions...
not a perfect match--- amp is 2 ohm stable... --you need to get d4 voice coils( wired in parallel-final impedance 2 ohm)... then would be a perfect match.....if you must have the d2 voice ooils then you will need an amp that will put out 2000-2500 wrms at 1 ohm.

2- i would take the solo x all day long... Output wise. i give a lil edge to 2 12" l7's but the solo x WILL get loud... and if it were to blow you can change cone out w/o having to pull sub out of enclosure.... Keep in mind that the solo x craves space AND power.. But they are beery subs... weighs 46 pounds each..

3. mounting depth is how deep the sub will sit in its enclosure when installed..
cutout is the size of the hole to be cutout of the baffle to install the sub... The solo x will come with a wooden stencil that u can use to make the accurate cut..

4-solo x's will need 3.5-6^3 ft.. it will take up most of your trunk space. as will 2 12" L7's.
Either will come with factory recommendations for enclosure size.. of you can find then on no they will not be able to use the same box for either subs( for optimum performance)...

5- need to know if you are talking about 1 or 2 subs.... i recommend getting the solo x for sure.

if you are planning on running 2500 RMS that a H.O. alt is recommended for sure... 200-250 amp alt and a good audio series deep cycle dry cell battery..

finally, lol

DON'T GET A CAP.. they are a waste of money... get the H.O. Alt and battery... do it right the first time..

Good luck and let me know what you decide.... thanks

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do you want just loud bass or do you want any sound quality at all?

if u want any amount of SQ, i would look at a different sub.

have you ever heard a 1-2krms?

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what do you mean the amp is 2 ohm stable? so if i got a 4 ohm KICKER S12X and the Kicker ZX2500 amp it would be perfect? the amp would be running it at 2500 rms? wouldnt it be better with a 2 ohm sub because then wouldnt it be running at 2500 rms and if it were a 4ohm sub it would be running 1250 rms? im getting only one KICKER S12X

the amp is
4 ohms: 1250 watts x 1 chan.
2 ohms: 2500 watts x 1 chan.

can you find any place that has high output alt's for a 2006 dodge charger and cant find good battery's that fit in perfectly where the stock one is. :-(

i want a decent amount of sq and good bass hits. do you think the KICKER S12L7 would be better for sq? plus its less rms so i wouldnt really need a new alt or would i? stock alt on a 2006 dodge charger is like 160 amps im pretty sure or a little less or if any of you know speak up :-)

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i still dont think you know how loud and how much money it will take to properly run 2.5krms. your going to need a bigger alt, better battery if not 2, upgraded wires, and im betting you wont be installing all of this. install fees will be a good amount. so $1000+ just on electrical upgrades.

whats your budget for everything?

and one more thing, adding that much bass, you will need to upgrade your front speakers and amp those too. a good rule of thumb is to spend as much on your front stage (front speakers and speaker amp) as you do on the bass.

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I doubt anyone has that alt made yet, I haven't seen one at least. You could get one built up for $$$ but your best bet is to try to find one of the 160amp HO alts that came on the police version of your car. Check some junk yards and ebay motors.

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yeah i plan on getting new speakers and a amp for them. also a in-dash cd/dvd receiver. yeah i have an idea how loud they are. they f**k*n bump lol thats why i wanted 1. but i dont think im going to get the S12X too much money to run it lol. so i should just get the 2 2008 KICKER S12L7 & what amp is perfect for it? would i need a new alt and/or battery to run it? i dont think i will maybe just a new battery? buddy of mine has 2 2008 KICKER L7's with a custom box and a cap. it bumps good. good sq and bass hits. he didnt need any new alt or battery "he has a infinity" dont know what kind or what year. its onlder though maybe like an 01 or 02 :-)
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