Is it possible?


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I have been wanting to get component speakers in 6.5".

my local audioshop guy told me that my car cannot take 6.5" speakers, that it can only fit 4". I dont trust him because at the time he had sold me 4" fusion speakers that now distort if the bass is more than -2.

Is it possible that i could somehow cut enough thickness and roundness to fit it in or is it just truely not possible?

my car is a 1994 Toyota Corola.

Thx for any help guys.

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It my require some cutting and fiberglass, but it can be done.

Get some pics of your door may be able to just cut and build a new baffle.

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It all depends on how much modification you want to do to the vehicle.....

My truck had NO speakers in the front doors, and NO depth clearance at all behind the door panel. Just crappy 4x6 in the dash. I made boxes for 5" components and surface mounted them to the doors and cut out the panels.

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even if you dont want to go with fiberglass u can cut a baffel outta 1/4" plywood or mdf i got my 5x7"s in my doors on baffels i might beable to get a pic if u really want

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Bruce, ever heard of PERIODS?
I would hope that you would take the hint that your posts are hard to understand due to the lack of grammer... Please proof read your posts, so people can understand what you are trying to say. Thanks

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i got 6.5s in my golf with a making some rings and crap like that.and i had 4s stock
u can do it but its a pain in the butt
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