22z Mounted Up all around yessss


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Username: Killerzracing71

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Registered: Aug-05
Finnaly got them mounted up, next step

4" drop all around

Tuckin 22s are we



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Username: Wingmanalive

A pic is worth 1000 posts!!

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Where's the hood?

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Username: 94_toy

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Username: Killerzracing71

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Sittin on the other side of the Garage

Motor swap 358 replacing the 305

But heres a pic of the HOOD



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Username: Killerzracing71

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Next 2 mods that are coming once the motors in

Notice the rear No skirts (have those at the house just need to be glassed on)


4-5" drop

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Username: Andrew571

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holy old skewl

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Username: Stateprop486


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we swangin, pop trunk wave. :-)

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Username: Van_man

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funtastic. That thing is the nicest wagon Ive seen. Like the rims. thing looks like a modded race car. Nice job.

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Username: Insearchofbass

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That is different but the rims look good on it.

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Username: Imalik

15 SI Mag9.1=Boom, New Jersey Jerzee Playa

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Nice ride

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Username: Zacdavis

Beloit, Wi

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sweet, it looks alot like my old wagon...Upload}

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Username: Killerzracing71

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Thats a buick or olds

I like those better except for the vista roof

Thats right Zac wagons are cool F what you heard

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Username: Bernymac


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looks good killz.
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