Love it or hate it.


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ok, so my car's power steering has been messing up, and my brothers friend is fixing it for me.

so i've been riding my bike to school and whatnot a lot lately, and im starting to get into riding bikes again. well, I've been in the middle of a project for a day now, and you can either love it or hate it...

since I'm 17 and I make a whoppin 8.50 an hour, working 15 hours a week, i dont have much pocket change. so i went to meijers, and i saw a little lightening audio sub (12) with a shallow mount box, an amp kit, and an amp for it. 65 bucks. its crappy i know but it'll be fun while it lasts.

I'm making a brocket that will hold this box up on the back of my bike, and im gonna have a little car battery pushin it all.

i just need to find a nice 5$ HU off the street somewhere and mount it on the handle bars, and it'll be the SHIIITTTT..

as soon as i get my car back i'll put pix because my camera is in my car.

also i'm not bringing the bike to school, my stuff'll get stolen

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Dear God lol.


I'm not lovin' or hating.

P.S. That's going to be one heavy bike.

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"Love it or hate it."

I'll choose.... LOVE IT!

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lol... go for it!

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Mexicans been doing it for a while lol... get more of a work out that way I guess.

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hahaha thats tight.

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lmfao pics are a must. how are you going to mount a hu, amp, battery and 12 inch sub in box to your bike? lmfao hahahahahah sh!t sun hahahah


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That is all

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"This one puts out 5,000 watts and cost about $4,000," said Nick Ragbir, 18, tinkering with his two-wheeled sound system, with its powerful amplifier, two 15-inch bass woofers and four midrange speakers."

lmao at the quote.

im gonna go with lovin it :-)

Cisco if you wanna see some pics click that audiojunkies link

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UPDATE: While digging a little further, the guy with the "5000w" system owns a little thing called Legal Intentionz. He does the install and mounting work for the bikes. MTV2 picked up the story and made a short film about it. Meanwhile the business got jacked for around $10k in gear by a former crew member.

Funky sh!t.

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Totally awesome. I had joked about doing something like that but didn't realize people actually did it.

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god damn, i just wanted to put a little 12 with a small batt. an amp and a HU on my bike, these kids are rollin around with 4 15s and shiiitttttt.oh and im still looking for an HU, but I can't find a cheap one anywhere..and my car is done, my camera isnt in it, my sister might have it, though, because she said she used it while it was being worked on, and i dont have much more to do cept put a HU in.
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