Crazy noise violation loop hole


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San Antonio Code of Ordinances
Sec. 21-54

It shall be unlawful for any person operating or controlling a motor vehicle in either a public or private place within the city to operate any sound amplifier which is part of, or connected to, any radio, stereo receiver, compact disc player, cassette player, or other similar device in the motor vehicle, in such a manner that, when operated, is audible at a distance of thirty (30) or more feet from the source or, when operated causes a person to be aware of the vibration accompanying the sound in any location outside the confines of the vehicle emitting the sound, noise, or vibration. A culpable mental state is not necessary to constitute a violation of this section.

Sec. 21-55. Exceptions.
7 Sound produced solely for the purpose of encouraging citizen participation in elections.

A crazy idea but, what if someone could get away with loud sound levels from a CD with songs telling people to vote (or something like it).

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HAHAH dual 15" type Rs spittin the start spangled banner.

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Get Obama's new LP?


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Burn that Obama "A milli" remix onto a disc

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how about explaining how it is omni-directional and they cannot pin-point which car it came from unless you were dumb and admitted it..

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"HAHAH dual 15" type Rs spittin the start spangled banner" or RD Alphas burpin america the beautiful

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Nah I would bump this...

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hahaha ben you would. donno where you found that but thats some good stuff to know. VERY good point with that omni directional stuff. so true. i'm sure you'd stump a cop with that in 2 seconds. fockin cops.

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haha yea I got bored and went through san antonio codes on noise violations and such. I also bought a new benchmade knife so I was curious to know the regulations. Unfortunitly any blade the locks is illegal in San Antonio.
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