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Hey guys, my friend is lookin for a nice sq sub good for playing all kinds of music. She doesnt want to spend too much over $100 for the sub alone. I already have a 500rms @4ohms amp that I would sell to her for real cheap and I will build her a box. I just wanna know a good sq sub. I was thinkin a 10 or a 12" type-r in a sealed box. If I built a ported box instead what would be a good tuning frequency?

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infinity kappa perfect maybe...i heard one 10" sealed and it sounded clean...i dont know the box size but it looked pretty small probably a ~1.0ft^3 standard sealed box

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Not sure an Alpine Type R should be put in the same sentence as SQ. But I would search the classified sections on a few of the other car audio forums. There are all kinds of deals. Heck Sundown audio is doing a direct sale on their SD-1 v2 subs.

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shiva x.

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get either the type r \ infinity \ RF p3 ...each is enough loud for a chick & sq is decent ...

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good tuning frequency:32HZ ported.

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rovin thats exactly what i was thinking.

Now do you think it would sound nicer ported or sealed?
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