Ripped spider: what to do?


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Help guys, The spider on one of my L5 10s has a rip about 1.5in wide thats about .5in away from my cone. I tried putting some Gorilla glue on it but as before it makes a clunking noise when you press on it and with the trunk open under power. Will it blow like this? Is there any way other than my way to fix it? Help please

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Any other way to fix a torn spider?

With all the flex it sees I doubt there is any permanent fix for it. L5's are known for various issues one of which is longevity. Some would say silicone and such but even that would work its' way loose eventually as well.

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Don't use silicone on the spider. Try using CA glue if anything. I wouldn't use that as a REAL fix though, it's more like a hold it together for a burp kind of deal.

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L5 w/ a ripped spider?

In that case, you are the proud owner of a brand new door-stop.

I have seen ALOT of L5's and L7's w/ ripped spiders.

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Now I know. So basically L series speakers are trash as far as build quality? This is my second incedent with these speakers, my first being a cracked surround. Can you suggest a pair of tens that will have the same type of spl or more in that price range?

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Only problem I had with my old L5's were 2 burnt up tinsel leads... But I did abuse the hell outta them. lol

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Look into audioque...
Check out the new sd2.5 subs....
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