(pics) Stuff in the mail :-)


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Few things.. two C701 controller and the H701 processor :-)

...yes idk why i have two C701s.. guess one is a backup unless someone wants to buy one lol


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Looks great man. Nice pics too.

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Nice bro!

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wait so they sent you 2?

like, so if you loose oneor sometihng happens to one you got a backup?!?!


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sweet sh1t ! ...

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so is it two units or one unit and an extra face plate?

either way, very nice, how much?

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they are seperate units.. sorry for the late response just got home from vacation :-)

two c701 controllers.. which are the faces.. reason i have an extra is because i got a good deal on the h701+c701 .. $412 shipped for the pair.. but this was after i paid $175 shipped for the other controller lol

the guy did not want to split on the h701 so i just bought em together
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