Memphis amps...


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As far as output, reliability, and sound quality how do they compare to alpine, rd, or whatever other good amp brand. I know their comp subs are great but I haven't delt with any of their other products...

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PR Series Mono amp- loved all 4 of mine... Strong for price
M Class Mono- High power at 2 ohm stable. Strong. Large footprint, power-hungry, inefficient..
I personally would have no problem running any of their mono amps.... That is all I can comment on...

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Preciate it. Dealer in my city is selling memphis amps 1000 watts at 1 ohm for $380 new. Don't remember which class in particular though.

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likely to be the new PR1000D.. They are proud of the addition of the cooling fans.. I ran the older ones and can pick them up for $250 BNIB in Houston...
check ebay.... they sshould have new and refurbished cheaper than your local dealer..
IIRC Crossfire and Memphis are made by same manufacturer

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for that price u can get a audioque 1200wrms @ 1ohm amp ....

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underrated at that^^^^

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Overpriced for the quality and inefficient.

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The 4kw does seem like a current hog but i have no experience with it.

The mcd1000 is actually quite efficient as well as thier m-class a/b amps.
With these i do have experience so i'm not just repeating what i have read on other forums.
But i do agree they are somewhat pricey.

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i've owned 2 of the MCD1000s 1100 watts at 1 ohm they are underrated and very efficient and the black pearl finish on it is just beautiful loved it and it was tiny for a 1k watt amp

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What comp subs are you talking about?

I like ALL Memphis subs/amps but they are not worth the asking prices authorized dealer or internet.(IMO)

If you are looking for that range of power at 1ohm the AQ1200D($249 shipped)as Rovin suggested above or jump up to the AQ2200D($389 shipped)

AQ Products+Prices+Service=

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ive had the ST-1500 and the ST-1000 both were power hogs. Happy was the day I sold them was I.
Also, they always made my subs sound "muddy" if thats possible.
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