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so i was at a party last night with a buddy that a few people aren't fond of. long story short, they decided to f*ck up my car for being with him. so now i have a broken window, and some nice brail on my hood and door along with a few dings.

the cop on the case is on my side, and i have a witness :-) the kid who did it is going to be charged with a class D felony. this will not cover cost to my car however, which is going to be around 1500 that i don't have.

what can i do to get it from him?

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civil lawsuit.. get him for atty fees also!

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Yup. Small claims court. Since he will/should be convicted you should get something out of it.

It's never enough to cover all your losses but it's better than nothing.

Get him.

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That sucks Rob.

Judge Judy maybe?

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Yep, less than $5000 that means small claims court (no attorneys needed so you don't have to worry about those fees)

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where does this person who messed with your car live. Give me a call lol i could mess with his.
jk jk

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I called you Rob by mistake but it still sucks and you should still consider Judge judy
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