Forgive me, But I need help.


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I bought an 8" zebra subwoofer from a power seller on ebay. The model number is nwx-844. The speaker works and all, just I had a powered enclosure that originally held a 8" aiwa ts-w50. The rubber fell apart over time and so I replaced it with the zebra. I figured just a simple switch and any differences would not even be noticable. Well i was wrong, the speaker only plays frequencies over about 95hz, it does play them well but I want to go to at least 45hz with this.

Where your help will come in is, I have searched for sometime now, looking for specs or at least the companies website. I need some help on winging the box building or possibly one of you could locate the specs or site. Thank you all, and please I know that the speaker is crap, so can we please keep the criticism to a minimum.

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do your self a favor and scrap that zebra. pick up a quality woofer.

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are the voice coils the same ohm load? also, sometimes those amps in the combos have eq for the oe speaker and nothing else will sound right.

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yes they are both 8 ohm, and the amplifier has a selector switch of 60, 90, and 120hz. Do you think that it could be the box and port size, or perhaps the speaker itself has a very limited range of frequency?

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Reece, the speaker was five dollars, the only other option I will take is replacing the surround on the original speaker. If you know a good site that sells new foams for 8s, then I would appreciate it.

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