Burning audio on to dvd r better sound?


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ok wassup guys. check this out.

since the indash dvd can play dvd-r, i was thinking of burning audio on to a dvd-r and playing it on my indash.

will it sound cleaner if the music is burned on a dvd-r?

since the laser in your hu can read the dvd-r cleaner, i think the music will sound cleaner.

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i have never noticed a difference before.

but i have always done it because you can fit TONS of songs on a dvd r which is always nice.

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damn not the answer i was looking for gibson. lol.

i don't know maybe its all in my head. recently i burned a bunch of mp3's on to a dvdr. it seems to sound better than when i had the same mp3's on a normal cdr.

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^^^^^^ Sorry Chad but that's absolutely impossible...... it has to be in your head :-)

Digital audio will sound the same no matter what medium is used to store it or how many times it's copied. Also converting an mp3 to an uncompressed file will no nothing since the mp3 source was compressed, the sound does not get better.

The only difference between the CD and DVD is you can fit more on the DVD.

Now there is also something called DVD-Audio which does sound better than audio CDs IF you have a true surround system. But again, converting to that from a "lesser" format will do nothing.

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SACDs :-) haven't heard one to this day :-(

i have started to use dvd's and can throw on around 600 tracks, and only take up about half disc. just imagine how much a DL can fit!

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Data is data as long as the bitrate is high enough the quality won't degrade, well audible degredation anyways. The only way a dvd would sound better is if the data you want to put on it is larger than a regular CDR can hold. As long as you can save the track data at a high enough bitrate there will be no audible difference between mediums, it is all data. Now there are certain disks that use different types of dyes that some HU don't like to read or some burners may have a hard time burning to. Why would you want it on a disk anyways, gonna be a SKIPJOCKEY lOl.... Polo :-O

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ipod FTW!
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