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Have you taken time to tell your friends, family or pets that you love them today? It never really occurs to us that one day they could be gone. Dont leave any unresolved issues between you or them. It would be a shame if their or your existence were to conclude today and there was a unkind word or event left between you. You might spend a lot of time wishing you had said or done certain things while they were still here. So, have you told your mother you love her? Have you hugged your bratty brother or sister? Have you taken your dad a beer for no reason? Have you brought your dog in from outside on a hot day? If not, have you given your dog a bowl of water with ice in it? Do these things now, because one day you may wish you had.

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what the f*ck.

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I agree that we should never take things for granted, but we all often do.

This is a little off topic though lol.

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At least he used good grammar :-)

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Off topic, but well said.

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I think Jemone had a moment of clarity.
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