Adjustable voltage?


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I am looking at getting a 200 amp alternator and the company i am getting it from also has a device that allows you to adjust the voltage to where you want it. Lets say for instance i set the alt for a 16 volt system and i get a battery that is 16 volts will i damage any of my cars electrical because it is 16 volts instead of 12? or would i be ok?


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16 is well into the range where stock electrical components start to get unhappy.

It would be idiotic to risk your computer for a power gain you almost certainly won't hear anyway.

A car is ~14v. If you want more power get an amp that produces more power at 14v.

The 15v+ amps are intended for extreme competitors that have dedicated high voltage charging systems that are isolated from the vehicles standard electronics.

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Thats called a variable external voltage regulator.

And DO NOT set it to anything higher than 14.4 volts. That is the maximum voltage you can safely run to your cars electronics.

X2 to everything opti said.

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thanks guys
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