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As some of you know, the Yukon is in the shop getting air bagged, its going to lay frame, plain sick for some of you who actually care and like this style. Anyways, I need a new system after its done. Since I can't cough up $3000+ instantly, I'm going to do either a 1 15" sub setup or 2 15" sub setup in the meantime. This would cut the cost in half. 4 15's = 1200 (fi bl, q, rd alpha), 2 15's = (BTL or Axis). I want to keep it at 5000rms constant meaning the amps I need, needs to be rated between 12.6v-13.6v because I will get voltage drop. I'm more picky this time around. So if I do 1 sub right now, I will buy another one later in the future. If I buy 2 right now, I'll buy 2 more in the future. This will cut the cost in half and I can afford the other half later. Also, what do you guys think about 18" subwoofers. Obviously I would do 2-4 18" subs. I still have that need for excellent sql bass. So give me your thoughts. I'll be back later today to see what you guys have in mind.

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2 15" Axis gets my vote :-) I cant wait til you get your ride back with the bags!! I wanna see vids too!!

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What's up Berny i haven't hear the Axis but they look clean as a mofo. I would have to also agree on 2 15 axis.

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rd all the way for me but fi q are good to

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if you gonna do 4 eventually, the btl or the axis would be out of the question casue you would need like 10,000wrms later. but if you just want to stick to 2 15s then get the axis.

now if you want to do 4 subs, then get alpha.

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definitely 2 15 inch axis. crossfire would be a good brand amp to look at.

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I'm stuck between two setups. The Alphas will get loud while maintaining great sound quality. I'm sure the fi q's and bl's will do the same. But the ap axis would just be plain sick with lows and work with all types of music. I'm more stuck between the alphas and axis. I still want to be as loud as the hd3's but with better sound quality, way better sound quality.

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Sounds like you want your cake and eat it too bud.

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2 good choices but if you want to get loud like the hd3 then the alpha

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"Sounds like you want your cake and eat it too bud."

Indeed. Why can't we :-(.

"2 good choices but if you want to get loud like the hd3 then the alpha"

I really liked the alpha and the amount of output it had on 1000rms. And the bass was still clean where it was great all all sorts of music. I couldn't really complain about it. Yes the Axis gets really low, but the Alpha's low's aren't that bad at all. They don't get as low as the Axis but I still won't be disappointed. But if the revo gets low, loud and is very nice on the higher freq's then I might have to consider some AP subwoofers. But from what Chad said, its killer on the lows like the rl-s but isn't as great on the upper freq's like the alpha. So, I'll have to check it all out tomarrow. Better be there Chad.
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