I would trust Mark Potts to build my box before...


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this JD dude. Yeah, I got my box today and hey, surprise, its not what was described or what I ordered. Not to mention his packing job was literally pieces of cardboard taped together as if that was safe. Take a look at the pics...

This is the most pathetic attempt at shipping something safely that I have ever seen, but somehow JD though throwing together some cardboard scraps and a few styrofoam peanuts would brace a 100+ pound box safely...

Alright, here's the front. Complete without the full double baffle I ordered and assumed I was charged for!

Some good looking shipping damage on the front baffle.

Hey what do you know some more damage.

Hey this guy really has carpeting skills!

Here's the SWEET gray baffle that I wanted facing the cabin of my car! Wait...

Here's the terminal cup that JD thought would work so well with nothing being able to hook up to it...

I mean seriously? Is this guy f*cking for real? I asked for my design in all tan OEM carpet, double baffled, and with terminal on the back... I got that...

Should I file a paypal dispute? This is not what I ordered. The design? Maybe. The looks and craftsmanship? No. Did he deliver the box in his 7-10 day "turn time?" No. I really don't know what to do. I'm livid.

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hey reece im very sorry about what happened I would ask him first for your money back then file a claim. But just letting you know the pics didnt come up

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no pics

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Should have went with BJ at Fisher Customs man. BTW where are the pics?

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Make the dispute. It's not as described or agreed upon. That really sucks Reece, I'm sorry to hear that you can't trust people at all online it seems to build a box. It looks like Fisher is the only person I would do business with or Pete from TTB. Shipping a large box is always a risk but at least some people will be a bit more responsible or smart about it. I bet he charged you a sh1tload of money for it too. I don't see any pictures there by the way.

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I get Bucks like Milwa...

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pics are in the other thread. this one fucked up
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